How to decorate your kitchen on a budget

Every few years your kitchen deserves a makeover, but it can be very costly to transform this area of your home. The good news is that there are some fantastic ways to give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank.

Follow the advice below to transform your kitchen and give it a whole new feel.

The wall colour

The colour that the walls were painted a few years ago may not be trendy anymore and you might want to consider painting them a fresh new colour. Painting the walls can give the room a completely different feel and is not very expensive to do. You could also paint the kitchen cupboards to match the walls, but this depends on what type of wood they are made from.

Give cupboards a new look

Just like with the walls, your cupboards also get outdated. It does not mean that you need to replace them, but you can replace the handles to make them trendier. Replacing the handles is very cheap and you can get them at almost any hardware shop. If your doors are made of wood, you could also sand them down and give them a lick of paint in a new colour. Additionally, taking the old countertops off and replacing them with new or reclaimed ones can completely transform your cupboards. Natural soapstone countertops in Denver might provide you with some inspiration – stone is hard-wearing and will unlikely need to be replaced ever again.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures can really show how old your kitchen is, especially if you have the old florescent type lights. Installing new lights in your kitchen is a very easy way to give the room a lovely modern look. Now there are so many different types of lighting, from chandeliers to drum pendants, everyone can light their kitchen exactly the way they want. Some might think that lighting isn’t that important, but actually, it can transform the entire kitchen. To start changing your kitchen lighting, you might want to find an electrician in Broken Arrow, or an electrician more local to you, to see if they could install the new lights in your kitchen. It’s often better to get a professional electrician to do this for you as electrical fixtures and wiring can be difficult to understand if you have no experience.


New appliances don’t have to cost an arm and a leg – if you look online you can find some great deals on kitchen appliances; from the likes of

Change the taps (faucet)

Most people will be able to change the taps in their kitchen by themselves, if not then get someone in to assist you. Putting in new taps will make your sink look absolutely fabulous. Get a friend to help you fit your new taps and then crack open a beer to celebrate your victory.

Self – adhesive tiles

Most homeowners would not consider changing the flooring in the kitchen by themselves, but you can give your floors a whole new look with self – adhesive tiles. They are relatively cheap and pretty easy to fit, and you do not need any fancy tools to put them in.

Pictures and plants

You can finish off the new look of your kitchen by adding some funky pictures and a couple of beautiful plants. Adding some plants in pots to your kitchen will make the room feel more welcoming.

Warnings and tips

  • Save yourself a lot of heartache by shopping at paint shops that you can buy small tins of paint at. It is advisable to paint a patch of wall to see what it will look like before you go ahead with the entire project. If it scares you to put the paint on the walls, then you can paint a piece of white cardboard and move it around the room to see what it will look like.
  • You are able to buy battery – powered light fixtures at most hardware shops, which are great for time saving. Using these types of light fixtures is simple, because you do not need to worry about wiring and so forth.
  • Shop around and try out some of the less traditional shops. You may find that you have a wider variety of light fixtures, flooring, paint and taps in the smaller shops.
  • If you are planning on hiring someone to help you with your kitchen makeover, then be sure to check their references before you let them come into your home. There are a lot of scam artists around and you do not want to invite one of them into your home.

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