Things to do in the UK

We really are quite lucky here in the UK, with so much going on around us all year round. With a rich culture and long, detailed history, everywhere you look in the UK, you can find something interesting and entertaining for you to enjoy.

If your plan for the New Year is to get out more and explore the country, then this is the perfect guide for you; detailing all the great things to do in the UK that are right on your own doorstep.

Learn about the UK

As a nation we seem to have a fondness for history and so you can’t go far these days without coming across a museum or heritage centre. You may thing that these places are a bit dull and full of musty books, but take a closer look and you can find some hidden gems. Travel to Edinburgh and visit the amazing Museum of Childhood they have there, or if you are in Birmingham, you have to drop by the Cadbury’s factory and try the free samples!

Enjoy tasty treats

We are a people who enjoy their food – this is a fact! From fine dining to humble pub grub, the people of the UK embrace every cuisine and style of cooking in the world and add their own special touches. We even have festivals dedicated to food, like the Ludlow Food Festival, CAMRA Beer festivals and the Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival. Whatever you are craving, you are sure to find a celebration of it somewhere in the UK in 2013.

Do something unusual!

Do you know what anime is? Are you familiar with LARPing? Could you tell the difference between a May Dancer and a Morris Dancer? Don’t worry, we couldn’t either! But these are just some examples of the more unusual things you can get up to in the UK. Why not try going to an anime convention and learning about Japanese animation, watching a May Day dance around the Maypole, or having a go at Live-Action-Role-Play (that’s LARPing, by the way) – all of which involve some great costumes, friendly people and lots of fun! If all these interests you and you want something more for your night back in the room, then there is more as well. There is a completely different genre of Anime and Cartoon Porno appears to be becoming popular these days. Maybe you can get some juice from this too. And by trying something unusual, we literally meant anything and everything.

Get back to nature

The UK has a fondness for our animals and birds and so across the country you can always find beautiful parks and reserves set up so you can enjoy them in peace. From our native creatures such as badgers, seals and hedgehogs, to more exotic varieties, you can bundle everyone into the car and in no time you can be up close to monkeys, lions, giraffes and rhinos. Many parks have numerous attractions within as well which are covered by admission prices, so once you’ve enjoying watching the animals; you can also enjoy fairground rides, interactive information centres with games and activities or simply relax and watch nature unfold around you.




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