May 2021

How the inventory shortage is affecting real estate

When the COVID-19 pandemic first made waves in the United States, many industries were affected in some form. Many businesses had to shut their doors for several weeks in order to help slow the spread of the virus and others had to drastically alter the way that they operate. The
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Why Government Bonds are a Safe, Low-Risk Investment

The U.S. government has approximately $21 trillion of debt, the largest in the world, and the Federal Reserve is only gradually shrinking its balance sheet. Additionally, the Trump administration’s tax cuts have raised the federal deficit to record levels, with the deficit
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The best social trading networks

Social trading has become one of the favorite investing strategies in the last few years. It offers attractive advantages and it’s convenient for beginners, but also more experienced traders. Traders looking to use social trading, or maybe copy trading, need to make sure their
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