March 2020

7 key steps to boost your trading performance

People make mistakes in every aspect of life. In trading, mistakes can happen due to a lack of knowledge or because of unconscious actions. Different kinds of information coming from a reputed source are affecting the market and the trader’s mindset. Coping with all the news and
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Six Creative Ways You Can Start Making More Money

Earning extra money on the side has become very popular nowadays.  You may be thinking it is time to get out and earn some extra money if you are going through a financial hardship like credit repair or a major unexpected expense. Today, a side gig doesn’t mean applying for
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Why do the pro traders ignore the indicators?

Indicators are used naive Forex traders. They rely on reading the indicators to find the best possible trades. But executing random trades based on the reading of the indicator is a great mistake. The amateurs don’t even know the purpose of the indicators. These are the tools
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