June 2014

Is Buying To let All It’s Cracked Up To Be? Things You Need To Know

Thanks to the home renovation and property development television programs of the 1980’s, there was a surge in people buying houses to let. It was easier to get mortgages back then than it is today, so many people took the plunge and became landlords.  Sludge G How did they fare?
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Planning Your Finances After Landing Your First Professional Job

After finishing an online nursing degree, you can secure your first position as a family nurse practitioner. You can begin your career at the hospital of your choice with a starting annual salary of over $50,000. Between taxes, saving for a new house, and paying off high-interest
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Paper Checks – Headed for the Shredder?

Who still writes paper checks? Technological advancements in online banking are close to cutting off the need for paper checks permanently. At the same time, plenty of consumers still rely on the written vouchers for their payments. It may be that the industry has to wait for the
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An Amazing Guide to Refurbishing Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Source If the time has come for you to update the look of your home, you’re probably thinking of ways in which you can finance this change. Often something that can become very expensive, changing the look of a home often requires that you spend a lot of money. Regardless,
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