January 2014

5 Financial Benefits of Down-sizing your Car

Smaller cars have a much smaller carbon footprint than large cars and are generally easier to manoeuvre, but down-sizing your car also makes very sound financial sense. It is the simplest way to save on fuel and other motoring expenses. Small cars also cost a lot less up front
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Remortgaging: Save Money By Switching Your Mortgage Lender

In principle, a remortgage means to switch your mortgage from one mortgage lender to another. This is achieved by paying off your current mortgage borrowing sum, with the proceeds of a new mortgage. You can also remortgage with your current lender. (Photo Credit:
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Title: Down Payments On Business Loans And Where You Can Get Yours

There was a time when the banks and the lending institutions would lend to the tune of 100%. However, with the series of events in the financial world which saw financers losing their entire money to the market movements, defaults and economic recession, they had to come up with
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Uses of a reverse mortgage

Looking into a reverse mortgage but not quite sure what they are about? Read on to learn more. A reverse home mortgage is a great financial product that caters to seniors who want to use it in their retirement plan. Borrowing against your home or selling your house are not the
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Top Five Tips When Moving House

So you’ve found your dream apartment from Linea LA located, and now you’re ready for the big move. Then it starts to dawn on you exactly how long your to-do list is, and that it seems to be ever-growing. Moving house can bring about unnecessary stress upon any family,
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What are the Typical Eligibility Requirements for a Payday Loan?

If you are finding the month too long and your bank balance too small, you might be considering a temporary loan to get you through until payday. If you don’t have an emergency fund, or a credit card to use, one alternative might be a payday loan. Payday loans are far more
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Investing in silver coins will improve your investment portfolio

According to the latest figures, the investment market is experiencing record highs, but improving your investment portfolio is no easy task. Unfortunately it is not as simple as handing your money over to an expert and expecting to see the money flow in. Today you have to carry
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What to Do If You Receive a Court Summons For Debt

A vast percentage of us will get into some kind of debt at some point in our lives – and this number is probably even higher during these fraught economic times. But sometimes the debt can spiral out of control and we find ourselves unable to keep up with the payments. These
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Factors to Consider When Choosing Medical Coverage

In a new age of health care, more and more Americans are looking for private medical insurance, an asset that can change lives more drastically than most other forms of coverage. It is difficult to predict what kind of coverage you need and even harder to interpret the jargon
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Personal Loans Are A Personal Matter – Know Your Rights

Several types of personal loan products exist within the United Kingdom. Consumers can apply for such loans as long as they meet the lender’s qualifying criteria. However, so many loans exist in the country that consumers often fall into traps set forth by less-than-honourable
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